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The HES-SO Valais-Wallis has several MFC printers for the staff and the students to use. You can print, copy and scan documents. Scanned documents will then be forwarded to your email address

How can I print on the FollowMe system?

With the FollowMe system, you can send your document to a virtual printer (PR_FOLLOWME ( 1 )) and print it on any MFC printer using your card. If a printer is occupied, you can simply use another.

How much is my printing credit?

Your yearly printing credit is CHF 35.00 (cumulative from year to year).

Black and white printing is 5 centimes per page and colour printing 15 centimes per page.

Where can I top up my printing credit?

You cannot print if your credit has been used up or is insufficient. You can recharge your card at the admin offices (minimum amount: CHF 10.00).

( 1 )The printer PR_FOLLOWME is installed during the installation of the services on your laptop.